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2 Days
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75 Days
Note: To avoid tracking issues, please stay within the redirected tab until purchase is complete.


Taobao is the largest online retail site and one-stop store for socializing, sharing information and shopping. The company is launched in year 2002. 76% of their customers are from China. It offers the most inclusive product offering that range from collectible, rare and hard to find stuffs to major retail categories like clothing electronics, accessories, household products, baby products and sporting goods. Taobao website is easy to navigate. The products are breakdown according to their category to help you find the product you want easily.

RMB or Chinese Yuan is utilized in each transaction on this online store. However, customers can also use Alipay and online banking as payment method. Taobao shipping duration depends on the chosen delivery option. DHL can deliver five to ten days. EMS or China Post might take ten to 28 days while China Air Mail takes fourteen to forty days. Instant delivery is also available but you have to pay more.

If you love shopping on other online stores or renowned shopping websites online, then you will surely enjoy shopping at Taobao. All the products are cheap; they offer free return policy and fast delivery. Since China is the leading source of cheap and high products, now you can buy them easily and stress free from Taobao.

KA$HBack rates:

All up to 50.0%

Terms & Conditions:

  • Purchases made on the Taobao App do not qualify for cashback.
  • Follow the following steps in order get cashback for Taobao purchases:
    • Step 1: Copy the name of the product/item in Taobao
    • Step 2: Paste the product name in the search bar in KA$HBack's Taobao page
    • Step 3: Click on Shop Now
    • Step 4: You will be redirected to ai.taobao.com
    • Step 5: You will find your product on this page and you can proceed to order and pay
  • Taobao transactions take around 2 - 5 working days from your purchase date to be tracked to your account.
  • Please ensure your Taobao shopping cart is empty when you start your shopping trip at KA$HBack. You must not pre-fill your shopping cart.
  • Cashback % differs based on product purchased.
  • 50% is based on our historical highest rate awarded (Taobao claims to have 90% commission but we have not seen any transaction awarded on 90% yet).
  • Only items found in https://ai.taobao.com are eligible for cashback.
  • Cashback is eligible only on the purchase price of items. Shipping costs, service fees, returns, exchanges and cancellations will not be awarded cashback.
  • Only Taobao orders paid online will get cashback. Cash on delivery will not be awarded cashback.
  • Only Taobao orders made from outside of mainland China are eligible for cashback.
  • Returns, exchanges and cancellations will not be awarded with cashback.
  • In the unlikely event your payment made failed at the merchant page, return to KA$HBack and re-do your purchase to ensure proper tracking.
  • For multiple checkouts, please click "Shop Now" on KA$HBack again. If your payment fails at checkout, you must go through KA$HBack, click Shop Now and restart the process again.
  • To ensure proper cashback tracking, please ensure KA$HBack is the last link you clicked on before making your purchase. If you have been browsing on other sites in between (such as price comparison sites, coupon and deal sites), we will not be awarded with cashback. Therefore, we always advise users to avoid opening multiple tabs on your browser when making your purchase to avoid any tracking issues.

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